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We provide accurate comprehensive personal searches for residential and commercial properties by inspecting and collating information from Council records and online systems. For many Local Authorities, we also provide a Form LLC1 as standard – and can always do so on request.

Water and Drainage Searches (CON29 DW)

Introduced by the Law Society in 2002, the CON29DW Drainage and Water search is compiled by water and sewerage companies throughout England and Wales. Whichever drainage company provides utility services to your client’s property would be responsible for supplying the CON29 DW information.

These searches are available for residential and commercial properties.

Environmental Searches

As a result of years of land being used as landfill sites and heavy industrial workplaces, there are thought to be approximately 300,000 hectares of contaminated land in England and Wales. Supplementing a local search with an environmental search could highlight any issues which may affect your clients’ investments, not to mention exposing potential health and safety concerns.

Landmark’s Homecheck Professional report and Groundsure Homebuyers report are among our most popular searches for residential properties.

For commercial properties, we supply three different levels of environmental report provided by Landmark.

  • Sitecheck Data – provides data for interpretation by the conveyancer
  • Sitecheck Assess – includes the same data, but also comes with a professional opinion and risk assessment by Landmark
  • Sitecheck Review – the most comprehensive option, which also comes with a pack of historical land use maps.

Flood Risk Search

A flood risk search will indicate whether your client’s property falls within 250m of a flood risk area. Making reference to both the risk of surface water flooding and ground water flooding, these reports can flag any related issues that may cause problems with insuring the property.

Mining and Subsidence Searches – Coal/Brine

If your client’s property is situated within one of the many mining areas throughout the UK, we strongly recommend obtaining a mining search. The mining process can seriously affect the land on which a property is built and the immediate surrounding area. To find out whether a particular area would benefit from a search, please get in touch.

Chancel Check Search

As a result of a tradition dating back to medieval times when parishioners were required to fund repairs to their local church, land owners can potentially still be liable for such costs today.

A Chancel Check report will identify if a property falls into an area with a potential liability. If a positive identification is made, it may be prudent for the client to seek chancel liability indemnity insurance.

Energy & Infrastructure Search

This combined report provides details of existing and planned solar farms; existing and planned wind farms/turbines; proximity to High Speed 2 rail schemes and the presence of oil and gas drilling locations (fracking sites).

Other Services



We now offer LawyerChecker searches to verify the legitimacy of a legal firm to help avoid dealings with fraudulent companies.

This search checks a wide range of data, including Companies House listings and the previous usage of a firm’s client account.